Developing Thoughts: OC, Skills, and other Goodies.

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Developing Thoughts: OC, Skills, and other Goodies.

This blog is mainly for me to jot down some ideas. You can use ideas if you give credit to me. Anyways I can't really explain too much.
I'll also be editing this a lot.

Sevren Nightvale: The forty-seventh generation of the great rulers of Arithvan. His mother was visited by a holy spirit before the day of his birth. Said spirit and boy became one. Sevren would grow up to be a noble night and a noble king. Sevren harboring the Spirit of Rebirth has never lived as a mortal but as an angel. He's semi dark skinned, yellow eyes and long red hair. When focused his eyes will emanate a lively blue color the same color of his energy. He has been referenced as a Knight of Miracles. He inherits a vast amount of willpower, strength, and speed. Which allows him to pull of the dual class Assassin Knight with ease. However being a Metal Knight Alchemist he is capable of making the lightest yet strongest armor of his time. Sevren does not require a circle to preform alchemy, most of the time.
Race: Angelic Arithvanian
Class: Metal Knight Alchemist, Assassin Knight
Power: Manipulation of Miracles
Weapon of Choice: Spear, Sword, and Shurikens.

Jayce Graves: Second Child of the last generation of the Graves Clan. The Graves Clan was one of the strongest and oldest family of pure blooded vampires. Jayce was born under a red moon which has never happened in the history of vampires thus he was born as a human with his vampire nature forever sealed. His eyes and hair are pure black until his vampire nature was awakened, then his eyes become dark red. Also Dark Skinned. However under a full moon he could regain the ability of flight. Due to Jayce's lack of instinct and ability to draw on his nature for power he was kept well guarded from other threats. One day he managed to sneak out into a forest were few humans live. It was there he was captured by a scientist who was experimenting with the Spirit of Beast. Jayce was to be his first, and only human experiment. This scientist managed to create a serum known as J.J.O.I.U., Judicious Juggernaut Obliteration Intelligence Unit. The serum was supposed to create a super solider like pawn for reasons unknown. Except the scientist didn't know that Jayce was in fact not human. The moment the serum entered the bloodstream of Jayce was the moment his vampire instincts awakened. Jayce then was consumed by the power of the spirit. It over shattered his personality and forced him to absorb the remaining serums, the animals that were tested on with the serums, and the remainder of the spirit the scientist was harboring. This new "Jayce" would first kill the scientist and every last Graves. His brother being the last. It was when he killed his brother that the beast within became calm allowing the real Jayce to awaken to a nightmare. He then eat his brother in order to gain his power to help him control the new powers raging within himself. At least, that is the gist of the story.. Some say there's some notes on the experimentation in the scientist lab claiming, "He created the first Artificial Vampire".
Overtime Jayce was able to completely control the power of the beast. Except he lost his old personality in the process.
Race: Pure Vampire, Higher Demon
Class: Dark Summoner, Demon Warlock
Power: Manipulation of "Feeling"
-As in Emotions and Senses.
Perfect Control of Blood.
Weapon of Choice: Long Swords, Spell Books,
Graves Katana [Ancient Heirloom](Taken from his brother)

Dead Graves: Jayce's older brother who was prophesy by the elders of the Graves clan to bring great misfortune to their lineage. His name was given to him by his father who quote, "He's as good as dead to us". Unfortunately the prophecy was misread for it was the second sibling, Jayce who would bring destruction to the clan. Thus he was shunned from the community. He lived his life as a hunter for Humans who had become blood slaves of vampires. For he was born with a special ability of deluding the effects of pure blood from the bodies of Humans and Vampires. This also made him a threat to many other vampires. He has no feelings of hatred but is often indifferent towards his father. His mother and little brother have often visited him while he was an outcast.
Race: Pure Vampire
Class: Hunter
Power: Delusion of Blood, Weak Control of Blood Systems.
Weapon Of Choice: Graves Katana [Ancient Heirloom]

Kutan Yaminu:
A young boy at the age of three saw a large flash from the sky. His eyes flashed pure gray while witnessing it. It was at that moment his very soul was separated in half. His other half was carried by whatever he saw in the sky which landed in a nearby forest. Days would pass, and rumors spread of a large five tailed beast lurking the forest and disrupting the balance of nature. One day Kutan would abandon his home out of pure instict to be with his other half, the giant wolf spirit Tanku. The day the two met was deep within the forest where the shadows were dense and darkness was everywhere. The great beast Tanku rose one claw up and tried to strike the young child but the child held up his palm and the moment they made contact they fused. From then on Kutan would grow up as an orphan, for he abandoned his past life, and would spend much of his eternal youth protecting the balance of nature of the forest. Kutan also happens to be the great anscestor of the Yaminu clan, a clan of warriors who trained wolfs and dogs, his older siblings would continue growth of the generations. Kutan is very knowledgable but retains a youthful attitude. He looks about twelve years of age since his human body ceased growing when he came of that age. He's often imature and has a poor sense of judgement. As the vessel of the five tailed wolf he controls shadows at his own will and can expand the mass of anything. Kutans average eye color is purple, while in connection with Tanku his eyes are grey, which shine brightly when controlling the mass of time. Kutan however can only freeze or slow down time.
Race: Wolf Youkai, Human
Class: Beast Master/Theif
Power: Shadow Controller, Manipulation of Mass.
Weapon of Choice: Daggers, Dual Knives, Claws.

End Yaminu: Basically the only persona with my own attributes, he's human. A young boy from the Yaminu lineage who inherited a warriors spirit from his anscestors. He lives in modern times and manages to hold all three spirits of Tanku, Jayce, and Sevren. Initially they became attached to him at birth, hidden deep within his unawakened subconcious. As he grew older the spirits began to surface.
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