Syrus' Touhou Character Interpretation Blog Project

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Syrus' Touhou Character Interpretation Blog Project

I was inspired by TV Tropes' alternate character interpretation project. Now, I'm not entirely sure how this form of blog works but, assuming it works like a thread, I'll be posting my views of the characters here (in no particular order). Feel free to post your own as well, though I forbid heated argument.

Now, if you're going to post your views on my blog entry, I have a few semmingly-fair rules...
1-Please only post about a character who has a post about them. That is, please don't be the first person to do a Cirno profile if I have not already made a Cirno file.
2-If you post your own profile, please post it as a quote, quoting the original profile. To save space, please replace all the text in the original profile with the character's name.
3-If you are replying to someone's interpretation, please quote what you are replying to. Cut out any claims that you are not responding to.

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Syrus' Touhou Character Interpretation Blog Project :: Comments


Post on Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:58 am by DreamEndFlower

What better way to start this project off than with Touhou's main character? Fanon and canon consensus on her varies wildly as well. Personally, I like a more ZUNish take on her, mostly based on her actions in EoSD.

On Reimu and Bitchyness
My Reimu doesn't really take anyone, or even much of anything, seriously. She teases everyone a bit, at least during battle. (You might notice her ;p a lot in her EoSD route.) It's not because she's particularly arrogant or mean-spirited (pretty much forgetting about her plot armor since people don't bring it up) but because, well...As one of the most powerful in Gensokyo, there's no fun in fighting everyone seriously because few could fight her seriously. She's somewhat lazy as a result.

On Reimu and Youkai Extermination
Reimu can get carried away when fighting others, but she's got only one real goal in mind: solving the incident. It's unfortunate for the people in her way, but it's nothing personal. It's just that incident resolution is one of the few things really important to her.

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