Origins of a timeless world

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Origins of a timeless world

Post by Masked (kingRa) on Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:26 pm

The origins of RK begin as early as the summer of 2008 where a group of powerful yet fable-minded individuals came together to be...well random. Perhaps just as important as the people, though, was the place fate had brought them to. Why did they meet? Who decided this destiny that would shape the future of these to-be knights? Some would say God (clear answer), others say the creators of the site they met on, yet others say it wasn't anybody but themselves.

To give credit where credit is due, the history of the Random Knights begins archived in a small pueblo (thread) deep in the outskirts (forums) of the great city ( that was "Last One to Post Wins!"
LOTPW began as the title implied-it was a fierce competition, definitely, but one of strategy, claims of power, and great war. But like any journey, the door closed and another one opened. Soon, people grew tired of fighting, and the goal of LOTPW became quite different than originally anticipated. And so, the people with wanting to be the last one to post grew tired and left to worlds unknown. Indeed, the ones who stayed were wise minds that began to speak of other things-they began to grow and train their minds to think of other things besides being the last one to post, reminiscent of the minds of Plato and Aristotle.
Yes, soon, they realized their great power that was their creativity, their imagery...their individuality!
These people were the classic Random Knights-they were unforgettable memories in a mind of a mad genius. Their goals-not necessarily anything but to enjoy their newfound power. They could fight, RPG style, they could talk of the past, the current, the future. They could do what they wanted to-it was a golden age for the RK, and the name, "RK" hadn't even come to existence.

But, like any journey, a door closes, a door opens. And soon, a heated argument grew. Pain spewed inside the original creators and inhabitants of LOTPW, with anger in their hearts.
Indeed, they had come back to reclaim their land. They were furious with what had become of the LOTPW-it was filled with creativity and power and randomness-something they called spam. And they began to argue, instigate, spread gasoline around the foundation of a great empire with one hand, with a lighter in their other hand.
The soon-to-be Random Knights were paralyzed. They did nothing to instigate this madness, and they could do nothing to fight back. The law was on their side-spam was indeed forbidden in this world and they only stood their ground. But the purists were without mercy, and only tried to push them off the ground and into the cold hard dirt. Every day, the battles became intense, tattling and snitching came into play! The world and its people screamed in the pain and the fiery war that was the purists and separatists. The world was gravely ending!

When all seemed dim. When all was about to end. The people on both sides of the LOTPW prayed. Prayed for a hero, for an end, for a beginning.
No one knows what became of the wise minds and their journeys of glory and honor. Some say they all died. others say their descendants roam the earth, inviting others to do what the sins of their fathers did.

Months later, a social group popped up in the famed city of No one noticed the small tidbit. But a select few did, and those wwere able to use the lens of truth to see through the hard exterior were able to see a duplicate of a land of gold. Indeed, the &Random Knights& had been created! And soon enough, the people in the RK began to add up, rushing in a second golden age. Wise minds were again expressing creativity, reminiscent of months past.

The LOTPW had ended, but it created an era of abnormality and oddness. Of power and fun. Of beauty...of randomness!

These are the Random Knights! This their story!

There is still more. This is just one small interpreatation of a story so marvelous, so stelar, so random, one post can't hold it in. Marvel in the stelar power that is the Random Knights, and appreciate the place you are in, cause though it may not exist forever, its legacy is timeless!

Stuff you can contribute:
-the people of RK-
-RPG adventures (if you remember any)-
-name changes-
-After LOTPW:
-The deleting of the posts (Dani's request)-
-New format of social groups create new interest in the RK-
-Touhou and the RK
-Last one to Stand Wins!!!
-the decline of RK?-

-anything you want to-

RK forever!!!!

Masked (kingRa)
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Re: Origins of a timeless world

Post by Envioux on Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:04 pm

kingRa never ceases to amaze. This was fun reading and of course, rather accurate. Very well done.
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