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Gaia Introduction

Post by Satori X on Sat Dec 18, 2010 2:00 am

Writing up a Homestruck esqe write up for one of my accounts.

This is the profile of the creature known as
Said creature doesn't really have a name.
The creature however happens to be called Kitty or Death by other USERS.
The creature however NEVER EVER is to be called ANTI.
Death is known as the species DARK ELF.
Death takes much pride in being a DARK ELF.
Death really only likes being a DARK ELF because his skin is purple.
Purple is one of Death's favourite COLORS.
Being a DARK ELF, Death is quite strong.
Death is quite the the BRAWLER, he is also a fanatic of WEAPONS such as swords, daggers, and ecetra.
Being a BRAWLER, Death loves playing zOMG from time to time.
Death has many INTEREST.
Death partakes in most of his INTEREST by himself.
Death is really just one of those solo type of fellows.
Being a solo type Death is often QUITE.
For the most part, it freaks others out sometimes.
Death doesn't have many DISLIKES.
HOWEVER, there is something Death absolutely hates!
Death ironically hates Cats due to his ALLERGIES, hence the obscure username AntiKittyDeath.

They seriously drive him insane..

Death is not a huge fan of HUMANS.
Death finds most HUMANS to be boring and most times uninteresting.
He also absolutely hates their practices of LOVE and ROMANCE.


However when it comes to ROMANCE, Kitty finds BLACK ROM to be interesting, KISMESIS only however.
Death finds the idea of having a KISMESIS to be pretty badass except for the fact that a KISMESIS would be pretty bothersome.
Death generally goes on GAIA to look at SWEET GEAR and STUFF.
Death is an avid liker of STUFF.
Death is also an avid liker of GOLD.
For the most part, Death is here to have fun, and kill cats stuff.
Satori X
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